36 Pro Death Penalty Quotes by Victims' Families in Europe

“Men like Dixie are like a dog. Once they draw blood they should be put down. I wish this was America and we had the lethal injection.”

THE SUN: What do you think about bringing back the death penalty?

LINDA: I’d love to watch Sally Anne’s killer get the death penalty. I want to see him suffer until he is squealing like a pig. I can understand why hanging was banned. Mistakes were made. But in these days of DNA evidence, there’s not much chance of that. When I looked at my daughter’s body in the morgue, she had mascara running down her face where she had been crying. She would have pleaded to her killer: “Don’t hurt me.? Where were her rights?”

LINDA: I will never be happy again. The next time I will probably smile is when that thing is dead. He is the most repulsive thing that has walked this Earth. I just want him dead. I hate him so much.

Linda Bowman is the mother of Sally Anne Bowman born (11 September 1987 – 25 September 2005)

Thursday 27 October 2011 - SERIAL child killer Robert Black will die in jail after being given his 11th life sentence.

Sex attacker Black, suspected of killing dozens of youngsters, was convicted yesterday of murdering nine-year-old Jennifer Cardy more than 30 years ago.

He was already behind bars after being found guilty in 1994 of murdering Borders schoolgirl Susan Maxwell, 11, in 1982, Caroline Hogg, five, from Portobello, near Edinburgh, in 1983 and 10-year-old Sarah Harper, who was abducted near her home in Morley, Leeds, in 1986.

Jennifer Cardy’s parents said prayers for her killer despite listening to harrowing details of their daughter’s abduction, abuse and murder. But her father urged restoration of the death penalty.

Devout Christians Andy and Patricia Cardy said their faith had given them the strength to face Black’s trial at Armagh Crown Court.

Mr Cardy said afterwards: “Robert Black stole the life of our daughter Jennifer but Robert Black didn’t steal the lives of me and my family – we’ve lived a happy, prosperous life, but we miss Jennifer each and every day. I would have to say that somebody who commits murders like this, I believe their lives should be taken. I believe they should be put to death, that’s my belief.

“I don’t mean that in a vengeful way, I mean that in a just and righteous way.”

Speaking after the verdict, Mrs Cardy said: "We have the relief that the perpetrator of this gruesome, horrible crime has been brought to justice."

Her husband, Andy, said: "Somebody who commits murders like this. Their life should be taken away. They should be put to death."

Parents of Jennifer Cardy - On 12 August 1981, nine-year-old Jennifer Cardy cycled from her house in Ballinderry, County Antrim in Northern Ireland to meet a friend. Her bicycle was recovered close to her home. Her body was found at McKee's Dam near Hillsborough, County Down six days later. She had been sexually assaulted. Black, who at the time was working in the area for a poster-delivery company, was convicted of her kidnap, sexual assault and murder at Armagh Crown Court on 27 October 2011. Robert Black (born 21 April 1947 in Grangemouth, Stirlingshire, Scotland) is a Scottish paedophile serial killer convicted of the kidnap, rape and murder of four girls between the ages of 5 and 11 between 1981 and 1986 in the United Kingdom. Black was also convicted of the kidnap of a fifth girl and the attempted kidnap of a sixth. Black is also suspected of a number of unsolved child murders in the UK dating back to 1969 and others in the 1970s throughout Europe.

“For many, the death penalty is murder by another name – a chilling relic from an uncivilised past. Yes, the thought of bringing it back may be unpalatable. But the horrifying events of the past week have strengthened my conviction that the hangman is the answer.”

“It’s not about revenge. It’s about a just society imposing a fitting punishment for those who have committed a uniquely horrifying crime.”


The grief-stricken widow of Garry Newlove last night said the teenagers who killed her husband should be executed and that she would be the one to do it. Helen who believes in capital punishment, said she "wouldn't hesitate" if given the chance to deliver a lethal injection or press the button on a electric chair.

"They handed my family a life sentence the day they attacked Garry.”

"Make no mistake, if the liberals running our justice system ever let these three out, they will kill again. They are ticking time bombs.”

"They beat a dad to death without giving it so much as a second thought and all they can do now is sit back and snigger about it.”

"I watched them as they walked into court and I didn't see a flicker of emotion or remorse from them."

She added: "If I could push the button on an electric chair, if I could deliver a lethal injection, I wouldn't hesitate."

I'd like to execute the thugs who kicked my husband to death.

“I would be the one who puts the noose around the neck or presses the button for the lethal injection. And hangings should be public. People have stopped me and said they’re 100 per cent behind it. This country is a terrifying place. No one is safe. I’m not ranting and raving. Come and sit here with us three and have the pain we’ve got.”

Helen Newlove the widow of Garry Newlove (5 November 1959 - 12 August 2007) was an English man beaten to death in August 2007 in the UK.

“For us, it is with regret that capital punishment is not a possible option. The best we can hope for him is that he spends the rest of his life incarcerated where his life is a living hell, being the recipient of all the evils, deprivations and degradations that his situation can provide.” [Friday 28 October 2011]

Parents of Joanna Clare "Jo" Yeates (1985 - 17 December 2010) was a 25-year-old landscape architect from Hampshire, England, who went missing on 17 December 2010 in Bristol after an evening out with work colleagues. Her body was subsequently discovered on 25 December 2010 in Failand, North Somerset; post-mortem analysis determined that she had died from strangulation. Vincent Tabak was eventually found guilty of her murder. The murder inquiry, named "Operation Braid", became one of the largest police investigations in the Bristol area. The case dominated news coverage in the United Kingdom as Yeates' family reached out through social network services and press conferences for assistance from the public. Rewards totalling £60,000 were offered for information leading to those responsible for Yeates' death. The police initally suspected Yeates' landlord, who lives in the same building, and arrested him, but soon released him on bail. Vincent Tabak, a 32-year-old Dutch engineer and neighbour of Yeates, was arrested on 20 January 2011. Media attention at the time centred on the filming of a re-enactment of her disappearance for the BBC's crime programme, Crimewatch. After two days of questioning, he was charged on 22 January 2011 with Yeates' murder. On 5 May 2011, Tabak, now aged 33, pleaded guilty to Yeates's manslaughter, but denied murdering her. On 20 September he appeared at Bristol Crown Court for a pre-trial hearing, attending in person having previously appeared from prison via videolink. His trial started on 4 October 2011. Tabak was found guilty of murder on 28 October 2011 at Bristol Crown Court, and subsequently sentenced to serve a minimum of 20 years in prison.

"I have always felt he should have been executed for what he did. I have no doubt about that. I am not really a religious person, but I do believe in an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. If someone is prepared to take another life, they should be aware they could lose their own. It would be a deterrent.” (Saturday 6 August 2011)

"I think it's important to protect people from murderers, because I do not believe that they can reform. Once they are released from prison, there is the risk they could do it again. Pitchfork has already murdered two girls and he will always be a danger as long as he is alive. I believe that it should be punishment over reform every time.”

"There are killers who, if they got the opportunity, would kill again but the death penalty would prevent that. I have always been in favour of capital punishment even before Lynda's murder, but what happened to her reinforced how I felt."

Pitchfork was the first killer to be caught using DNA testing and Mrs Eastwood said the technique eliminated doubt in cases.

She said: "That is important because, while DNA can prove guilt, it can also prove innocence.

"It removes the doubt and there would have to be certainty of guilt for an execution.”

Kath Eastwood is the mother of Lynda Mann, who was killed by Colin Pitchfork in 1983. Colin Pitchfork (Born March 1960, Bristol, England) is the first criminal convicted of murder based on DNA fingerprinting evidence, and the first to be caught as a result of mass DNA screening. Pitchfork raped and murdered two girls, the first in Narborough, Leicestershire, on November 21, 1983, and the second in Enderby, also in Leicestershire, on July 31, 1986. He was arrested on September 19, 1987, and sentenced to life imprisonment on January 22, 1988, after admitting both murders.

CASE: Mr. Bush was left for dead after the vicious attack by Harrison and Campbell. He was beaten, stamped on and kicked in his flat in Pryme Road, Scunthorpe. The pair then stripped him and removed his prosthetic leg, before going to a friend's house where they bragged about the attack before dumping Mr Bush's false limb in nearby woodlands. Three Appeal Court judges backed the minimum 21-year life sentence handed to Campbell, 26, following his conviction for murder. But they agreed to reduce the 18-year tariff handed to Harrison, 27, to 17-and-a-half years because he pleaded guilty to the crime. Harrison, of Bennett Road, Scunthorpe, admitted murder but his co-accused Campbell, of Kingston View, Barton-Upon- Humber, denied the charge and was convicted at Teesside Crown Court.


Friday 8 June 2012 - The sister of a murder victim says the death penalty should be brought back to punish the two men who killed him.


Sam Bush said she would never forgive Joe Harrison and Liam Campbell for kicking her brother Roy Bush to death in Scunthorpe in March 2011.


And she called for the death penalty after three senior judges rejected an appeal by Campbell to have his 21-year sentence reduced, while cutting by just six months Harrison's 18-year sentence.


Miss Bush said: "I think it should be a life for a life. That is how I feel.


"I never really thought about the death penalty before. I can see what the people against the death penalty are saying because some people are not guilty. If they are proven guilty, they should be given a death penalty."


She added: "I would not have felt so strongly before this happened. It is different when it happens to your own flesh and blood."  

Miss Bush told the Telegraph that she was still struggling to come to terms with the murder.


She said: "I still can't believe it has happened and I get reminded about it every day.


"The sentences will never bring my brother back. They should be sent to America and get the death penalty."

Sam Bush whose brother, Roy Bush was kicked to death by Joe Harrison and Liam Campbell in Scunthorpe, England on March 2011.

Tuesday 18 September 2012 - "I believe the death penalty should be imposed for anyone who shoots any uniformed emergency services personnel on duty, whether they are a police officer, paramedic or a firefighter. They put themselves on the line for the public."

Father of PC Fiona Bone - On 18 September 2012, Police Constable Nicola Hughes and Police Constable Fiona Bone, two Greater Manchester Police officers, were killed in a gun and grenade attack while responding to a report of a burglary in Greater Manchester, England.

“We will never forgive him for tearing our world apart so brutally and I would welcome the return of capital punishment for the likes of Joshua Davies, who forfeited his human rights when he chose to take my daughter’s life.”

Sonia Oatley whose daughter, Rebecca Aylward was murdered by Joshua Davis in October 2010. Davies, 16, had lured the “promising, wonderful and loving” 15-year-old to secluded woodland and smashed her skull with a rock the size of a rugby ball. Shortly before the appalling crime, evil Davies bragged he would kill her if a friend promised to buy him a fry-up at their favourite cafe. The schoolboy was found guilty of murder at Swansea Crown Court in July and was back in the dock yesterday on Friday 2 September 2011 to be sentenced. Mr Justice David Lloyd Jones branded Davies “devious, calculating and controlling” as he ordered him to spend a minimum of 14 years in jail. He will be only 29 when he is first eligible for release because he has already spent 312 days in custody. The boy has shown no remorse and still refuses to acknowledge his guilt for killing Rebecca in an isolated wood near Bridgend, south Wales, in October last year.

The mother of little James Bulger, killed by ten-year-olds Robert Thompson and Jon Venables in 1993, also backed the return of the rope.

Denise Fergus, 38, claimed the rash of recent cases prove the point.

She said: “Beasts like them don’t deserve to breathe the same air as decent people – they should hang.”

Denise Fergus is the mother of James Patrick Bulger (16 March 1990 – 12 February 1993) was a two-year-old boy from Kirkby, Merseyside, England, who was abducted, tortured and murdered. The perpetrators were two 10-year-old boys, Robert Thompson (born 23 August 1982) and Jon Venables (born 13 August 1982). Bulger disappeared on 12 February 1993 from the New Strand Shopping Centre, Bootle, while accompanying his mother. His mutilated body was found on a railway line in nearby Walton on 14 February. Thompson and Venables were charged on 20 February 1993 with the abduction and murder. Thompson and Venables were found guilty of the murder of Bulger on 24 November 1993, making them the youngest convicted murderers in modern English history. They were sentenced to custody until they reached adulthood, initially until the age of 18, and were released on lifelong licence in June 2001. The case has prompted widespread debate on the issue of how to handle young offenders when they are sentenced or released from custody. In March 2010, Jon Venables was returned to prison for an unspecified violation of the terms of his licence of release. In July 2010, he pleaded guilty to charges of downloading and distributing child pornography, and was given a sentence of two years' imprisonment.

“I always thought that if you take someone’s life, you should pay with your life. You’ve taken someone away from the family, you don’t deserve to live.”


“If he was executed, you can get on coping. You get justice.”

“24 years, he will get older than me, he will start his life free and I am sentenced to the rest of my life. I’m never going to get grandchildren.”

Andrew Barnes is the father of Amy Leigh Barnes in Farnworth, Bolton, Greater Manchester, England concerns the killing of an actress and model, Amy Leigh Hannah Barnes (21 October 1989 – 8 November 2008) who was found stabbed to death on November 8, 2008 in her home in Farnworth, Bolton. Before her death, Barnes had modeled for magazines such as Playboy, Cosmopolitan and Nuts, also appearing on the TV-drama series Hollyoaks.

"Today, as this case has come to an end, we would like to say justice has been done but we are afraid that while five young lives have been cruelly ended, the person responsible will be kept warm, nourished and protected. In no way has justice been done. These crimes deserve the ultimate punishment and that can only mean one thing. Where a daughter and the other victims were given no human rights by the monster, his will be guarded by the establishment at great cost to the taxpayers of this country and emotionally to the bereaved families. The public must insist that this government look at returning the death penalty for cases such as this, otherwise many more families will go through the same suffering that we have had to endure."

“I want my daughter’s killer to go the same way as she did. If he was dead I wouldn’t have to sit here, thinking about his smirking face, him eating his dinner and watching TV – things my daughter will never do again. You always get do-gooders who say you can’t hang them. Why do they still want these people to live?”

Kerry Nicol whose daughter Tania Nicol was murdered by serial killer, Steve Wright.

Christine's devastated sister Jeannette called for the death penalty to be reintroduced.

She said: “I am starting a campaign to bring back the death penalty. It is not right that people like that do the things that he did to my sister and my niece and get away with it. He will get to watch TV, get to smoke, but they are not here. It is not fair.”

Oakes, 50, was given a double life sentence after a jury found him guilty of double murder at Chelmsford Crown Court.   

Jeannette Chambers whose sister, Christine with her daughter, Shania were both shot dead by David Oakes in the UK.

The family of Annette Nicholls said: "No punishment this person receives will ever be enough for us.

"Nothing will bring our beautiful loving mother, daughter and sister back home.

"This man has robbed a little boy of a mother who he adored, parents of a loving and much loved daughter and siblings of a loving sister."

"But at least we can rest knowing that this man is no longer on the streets of Ipswich ready to take another girl's life."

Family members of Annette Nicholls who was murderd by Ispwich serial killer, Steve Wright. Annette Nicholls, aged 29, a mother of one from Ipswich, was initially thought to have gone missing on 4 December, but at the trial it was revealed she was last seen in Ipswich town centre on 8 December. Her family reported her missing after they grew concerned at the news of the other murders. Nicholls' body was found on 12 December near Levington, naked but not sexually assaulted, and also posed in the cruciform position; a definite cause of death could not be established, but her breathing had been hampered. Nicholls, the oldest victim, had been a drug addict since the early 2000s, shortly after completing a beautician's course at Suffolk College. Soon afterwards, she had started working as a prostitute to fund her addiction. After moving to a housing association home from her council house, Nicholls asked her mother, Rosemary, to look after her son, Farron. She was thought to be staying with a man in Ipswich at the time of her death.

The mum of Moors murder victim Keith Bennett said all serial killers should receive the death penalty.

“The law must be brought up to date to take account of DNA tests. In cases with no scientific doubt, there’s no chance of hanging a wrong man.”

Heartbroken Winnie Johnson, 74, lost her 12-year-old in 1964 when evil Ian Brady and Myra Hindley lured him to his death on Saddleworth Moor, Greater Manchester.

Winnie said: “Monsters like Brady and now this sick Steve Wright creature do not deserve life, or our pity. We should stop thinking about what’s best for people who murder our women and children. They’ll never change however long they are caged.”

Winnie Johnson whose 12 year old son, Keith Bennett was murdered by Ian Brady and Myra Hindley in 1964.

Tuesday 12 October 2010 - Ben’s family said in a statement: “Our pain today is still unbearable. Ben has been deprived of his life and it’s only right that these murderers should be deprived of enjoying their lives. They may have a life sentence but so do we as we will never see Ben again.” Ben’s father David said in a court impact statement: “By killing my son these people have destroyed my life.” He said they should pay the ultimate price.

“But I know this is not going to happen, so whatever sentence is given will be of no comparison with what Ben’s family will live with for the rest of their lives.”

David Gardner is the father of Ben Gardner. Ben Gardner, 30 was murdered on 1 November 2009. was punched and kicked to death as he bravely tried to protect Allanna Devine on her birthday. He was punched in the face so hard that he was knocked to the ground. As he struggled to get up, he was knocked back down. Then one of the yobs took a “ferocious penalty kick” to his head as he lay helpless. As Ben’s life ebbed away, another killer clowned around like a boxing referee, spreading his arms out and saying: “It’s over. He’s out.” The three, who had been drinking, snorting cocaine and smoking cannabis, staggered off laughing and joking. After just six seconds of violence in Sutton, south London, Ben lay unconscious with fatal brain damage. He was rushed to hospital but died hours later.

Helen’s opinion was mirrored by Richard Taylor, dad of ten-year-old schoolboy Damilola – stabbed to death by Danny and Ricky Preddie in Peckham, South London, in 2000. The lawless savages, then 18 and 19, were convicted of manslaughter in 2006 and jailed for eight years.


But ex-civil servant Richard, 59, said: “Is it right that the killers of our beautiful son will be released next year after only serving three years in prison? Of course it isn’t. The death penalty has to be brought back because it is the only deterrent available. It won’t bring my son back, but how many would commit these awful murders if they knew the gallows or a lethal injection was waiting? Few, I suspect.”

Richard Taylor is the father of Damilola Taylor (7 December 1989 – 27 November 2000) was a Nigerian schoolboy who died in the UK. Several young boys were cleared of murder charges after a lengthy trial, and later two brothers were convicted of manslaughter.

Saturday 13 August 2011 - A GRIEVING dad is calling on Wearsiders to back a petition calling for the death sentence to be reintroduced for murderers.

John Johnson has joined forces with relations of murder victims across the country to lobby the Government into reinstating capital punishment for killers of children and police officers killed in the line of duty.

They have launched an online petition on the Government e-petitions website and need the backing of 100,000 people for their bid to be mooted in Parliament.

“I don’t think we’ll ever get life to mean life so now we’re fighting for the death penalty to be brought in for certain killers who rob people of their lives.”

John Johnson of Sunderland, England. His son, Kevin was stabbed to death on the doorstep of his Pennywell home in May 2007.

“I will be fighting on the hanging issue alone. I consider the Bill introduced by Mr. Silverman in the 1966 general election as member of the ‘hanging’ party: I will be fighting on the hanging issue alone. I consider the Bill introduced by Mr. Silverman as stupid and idiotic. I intend to fight Mr. Silverman in his own constituency and beat him.”

Patrick Downey is the uncle of Lesley Ann Downey. She was murdered by Ian Brady and Myra Hindley in 1964.

Isabella Clennell, the mother of Wright’s last victim Paula, 24, said: “I wish we still had the death penalty. This is what he truly deserves.”

The family of Paula Clennell said: "What right did Steve Wright have to take five lives?

"Listening to his lies and excuses has made me feel sick.

"My daughter could still be alive today if she had not been murdered. Who knows, she may have been off the drugs and leading a normal life.

"At least she would've had that choice. Steve Wright took that choice away from her and the other four girls.

"I wish we still had the death penalty as this is what he truly deserves."

Another family said: "We are afraid that while five young lives have been cruelly ended the person responsible will be kept warm, nourished and protected.

"These crimes deserve the ultimate punishment and that can only mean one thing.

"Whereas our daughter and other victims have been given no human rights by this monster his will be guarded by the establishment at great cost to the taxpayers of this country and emotionally to the bereaved families.

"The public must insist this government looks at returning the death penalty ... otherwise many more families will go through the same suffering that we have had to endure."

Isabella Clennell the mother of Ipswich serial killer, Steve Wright’s last victim Paula, 24. Paula Clennell, aged 24, born in Northumberland and living in Ipswich, disappeared on 10 December in Ipswich at approximately 00.20. Clennell's body was found on 12 December near Levington on the same day as Nicholls'. Clennell was found naked but not sexually assaulted and a post mortem reported that she had been killed by a compression of her throat. Prior to her death, Clennell commented on the then recent murders in an interview with Anglia News, stating that despite them making her "a bit wary about getting into cars" she continued to work as "I need the money." Clennell moved to East Anglia ten years before her death, following the break-up of her parents' marriage. Clennell had three children with Elton Norris; all were taken into care and adopted due to her drug addiction. Clennell herself had spent some of her childhood in a referral unit, and it was shortly after being placed there that she started taking drugs.